Cheeky Monsters are all around us, although you’ve probably not seen one… just yet.

They love to hide and seek at home. You may find one in your sock drawer on a mis-matching mission. Or even chomping on homework at the bottom of your school bag!

Have you ever wondered where that glitter came from, or what made you smile just when you thought you couldn’t?

Well here is the answer!

Cheeky Monsters come in all different colours and shapes.They are all individual in their own special way.

Some like football, some like ballet,
some wear glasses and others have crazy spikes or glitter splotches.

Some have monstrous hair, pointy tails and wonky teeth. Some like to wear odd socks…others tutus.

But what they all have in common…a cheeky streak!

Meet the Monsters

Cheeky by name and cheeky by nature, this friendly gang aim to make you giggle, laugh and have fun – before you’re too grown up.

All sorts of mischief may come your way. But alongside the harmless playfulness they’re here to help you make awesome discoveries, make musical melodies, experiment with scien-terrific skills and find lots of glitter goo along the way!

So…which Cheeky Monster are you?

Violet loves to sparkle,of singing she is fond.She dances everywhere she goes,and waves a magic wand!

Drago is the brainy one,her experiments are the bestBut often things can go quite wrong,and cause a great big mess!

Rocky’s very sporty,and mischievous in his way.His ears are great receptors,and can hear from far away!

Glitter is so happy. the ultimate glitter bug.This fashion forward monster,just can’t wait to give a hug!

Spike is an explorer, caring for the world.He loves to find new things each day,and show the boys and girls!